The Gift of Sleep LLC founders have very dynamic and balanced backgrounds that they will each contribute to this new venture.

Terry Cralle, RN MS is a Certified Clinical Sleep Educator, author of two books on sleep and the co-founder of a 4-bed sleep disorders center. Terry is also a national sleep wellness consultant and educator to a wide variety of audiences, organizations and industries.

Scott Smalling was the founder of the successful ComforPedic® mattress brand that deployed several unique innovations early in the growth of memory foam bedding. Smalling is also the third generation of a 71-year-old specialty foam fabricating company based in the Pacific Northwest as well as the founder of Relief Bed International a non-profit that donates strategically built beds to homeless shelters and international relief organizations.

“Our focus is to provide consumers specialized tools and education to help them achieve better sleep which should ultimately have a positive impact on their overall health, well-being and performance in life,” stated Cralle.

First to launch out of this new partnership will be a Sleep Kit with some thoughtfully selected sleep accessories. The sleep kit also includes a Gift of Sleep™ branded Booklet, authored by Cralle, detailing better sleep tips and education around the importance of sleep.

As part of their initial launch, Smalling and Cralle plan to market their new offering to the sleep industry in which they are so vested. This will be a wonderful medium to say “Thank You” for the purchase of a mattress or sleep related products. Going forward they also plan to provide customizable and personalized sleep kits along with other branded sleep accessories as they expand into different markets.

“Customer retention and brand loyalty should be a key goal in any business. Although, in the sleep industry, due to the long purchase cycles, one of our key goals is to ensure that products stay in the consumers home. The Gift of Sleep™ is another layer of assurance that will not only create a positive customer experience, but also provide a good ROI by helping reduce some comfort returns due to the consumer benefiting from the sleep education and tools included in the kit,” mentioned Smalling.

Gift of Sleep LLC will also donate 5% of their proceeds to assist Relief Bed Internationals efforts to provide better sleep to homeless shelters in the US.