About Terry

Making sleep a personal, family and corporate value is the message Terry delivers on a national level.

Terry Cralle MS, RN, CPHQ

Author and Sleep Educator

Terry Cralle MS, RN, CPHQ

Terry Cralle is a Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, specializing exclusively in sleep health and wellness. A national speaker, educator and author on sleep, Terry is the co-founder of a 4 bed sleep disorders clinic and serves as a consultant to a variety of industries and organizations on the topic of sleep health. Her work in the field of sleep medicine has included clinical research in insomnia as well as educational initiatives including drowsy driving prevention. As a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on the topic of sleep, Terry educates a wide variety of audiences on the critical importance of sleep to physical and psychological health, growth and development, safety, optimum functioning, productivity, peak performance and quality of life.

Terry is on the board of directors of the American Sleep Association and Start School Later, LLC. As a member of the Board of Directors for Start School Later, Inc., she is an advocate of later school start times in response to teen sleep deprivation. Terry also works closely with the Pajama Program, a national nonprofit that brings books and pajamas to children in need. Terry is a graduate of Randolph Macon College (B.A. in Sociology), the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing (B.S. Nursing) and Finch University of Health Sciences at the Chicago Medical School (M.S. in Healthcare Management) and holds certifications in sleep education and healthcare quality.

Terry is a credentialed and experienced clinical sleep educator, providing critical information and guidance to a wide array of audiences. Terry is a recognized sleep health industry leader, speaker, consultant, and author–providing essential information to a wide array of audiences in a thoughtful, understandable and entertaining format.

Terry’s commitment to sleep health and wellness is reflected in her diligent efforts to effectively deliver the message of healthy sleep to an international audience of all ages. She has extensive experience in sleep health consulting and promotion; presenting dynamic and informative workshops, seminars and consulting services to audiences of every age and every demographic.

Terry is the co-author of Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle (Rowe Publishers, 2015) and Sleeping Your Way to the Top (Sterling Publishers, 2016).
Snoozby and the Great Big Bedtime Battle is a groundbreaking nonfiction picture book for children about sleep health and wellness written by sleep educators and clinicians, Terry Cralle and Dr. W. David Brown.

In Sleeping Your Way to the Top Terry and sleep psychologist Dr. W. David Brown present the ultimate wake-up call for ambitious people who wish to achieve maximum performance.